DAF review2022.11.20

Asphyxiation: No, Zero (difficult restrict, cannot get it done) Heck zero

Asphyxiation: No, Zero (difficult restrict, cannot get it done) Heck zero

  • 5 = I enjoy So it/Can’t Waiting To test This
  • Zero = Difficult maximum. I will not take part in this hobby at all, right now.
  • ? = New to this activity.
  • + = I am afraid of so it however, would possibly wish to explore they.
  • ! = I am embarrassed so you can know Everyone loves this.

Being Choked (cock): Yes, 5 (vomited at the Sesso, which was maybe not dreadful, consider I handled they with elegance, that is my personal just concern, getting ashamed about vomiting) Yes/5. I was vomited to your doing this. It was chill. Kinda concludes anything if you do not cleanup therefore things very individual to-do. Require I love was deal with banging attention watering, many saliva then you saliva one back at my dick. Very very porno.

Biting: Sure, 5 (Giving, I really like biting but I’m cautious about how difficult, favor solid nibbles, is actually unable to chew people much harder when Bright expected me to, couldn’t do it. Acquiring, like it) Yes/ mostly into the hard nipples, clit

Collars (wearing): Yes, 5 (in addition to jewellery choker or a ring one to to wear beyond our enjoy, in public within my day to day life, you to definitely symbolizes that you have collared me personally) YES/5

Corsets (wearing): Zero, 5 (I would love for one to take me hunting and then have one that converts your on the) YES/ 55555555 Very very Gorgeous Footwear Which Tasty

Electricity: Yes, 5 (Tens equipment gamble and it are very, would do they again inside a pulse. Have observed violet rod, extremely intrigued. Also very nervous about my sharp up to energy. Ok that have removing striking throughout electricity play) YES/5

Complete Lead Hoods: Zero, step three (I cannot bed that have covers over my head due to the fact I want to inhale cool sky…proper care I would personally struggle with a cover. If for example the hood had interlock across the throat thus i you will inhale chill air I’d likely to be great.) NO/0 Discover Above Need certainly to Breathe.

Distributed: Yes, 4 (depends on the latest framework, amount of time, an such like. We’d need discuss so it) Yes/5. I’d assist you to go, under my instructions, to see another individual and perform whatever they requested you to complete within my visibility.

Sexual Deprivation: Zero, dos (I will do that to you for a little while, unsure the length of time, we had need try out they if it is actually something you desired

Your back heel Worship: No, 0 (until it is backwards, having to don high heel shoes for you, if so, might be a good 5) YES/555 Love The better The higher An effective FETISH Personally.

Kidnapping: No, 0 (My issue is according to Thundercock and you may Beesweet’s experience and you can occurrence within the Portland urban area where it had been seen and couples on it have been recognized in the news whether or not costs was basically fell. I cannot pay for which. The fresh new work by itself cannot bother me personally.) NO/O

Spiritual Moments: No, 0 (I am not saying religious which means this doesn’t have attract myself, however, I might take action if perhaps you were interested) NO/0

Perform score moody, similar to their diving starvation step three date restrict) NO/0 I Currently Do this Using my Works Take a trip

Tattooing: Yes, 5 (and you will i’m definition career tattooing, maybe not in-family. i would personally attract more, has actually records and you may do keep in touch with Your about them just before proceeding) NO/0

Tickling: Sure, No (difficult limit) (my dad used to have tickle fights around since the children, punished me with it. Manage keep me upside down because of the my legs and you may tickle my foot with the hysterics, weeping, otherwise disease. Immediately following, once i is 7, he did it and you will when i had free, i fell forward for the coffee table, throat discover, and you may hit my side white teeth above epidermis as if biting it, and you may killed among my personal most useful side white teeth. i had a-dead black tooth up until my personal adult tooth came within the. i’m very sensitive to pushed tickling therefore we have to just do it meticulously using this type of one to. i’d trouble actually becoming handled by the someone to possess very long, something which will get shock You completely today) YES/2