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This will be a native chicken variety of the fresh Ukrainian tree-steppe area

This will be a native chicken variety of the fresh Ukrainian tree-steppe area
POLTAVA CLAY (Poltavskaya glinistaya)

Its supply was not sure. It is thought that it absolutely was developed by crossing regional hens that have Buff Orpingtons. A genetic resemblance was based in the polymorphism out of proteins loci away from egg away from Poltava Clay and you will Rhode Area Reds.

Just like the step 1951 the fresh new Ukrainian Institute away from Chicken Breeding has been engaged in-breeding focus on Poltava Clay chickens based on bulk alternatives to boost eggs design and you may live lbs. Five inbred lines official getting egg creation were started in 1966; they certainly were bred by the mating 1 / 2 of sibs. An average development achieved 190-209 egg a-year which have a keen eggs pounds off 54-58 grams. Creation of champions achieved 316 egg per year.

The newest combining ability out of birds from all of these this new traces are checked-out on get across that have White Leghorns. Producing two- otherwise around three-line interbreed hybrids was 236-240 eggs per year with a keen eggs pounds out-of 53-54 g.

Poltava Clay birds try widely marketed from the Ukraine with the facilities maybe not concentrating on poultry so when individual possessions of your own rural population. Lately their stock provides decreased off 747 one hundred thousand during the 1974 so you’re able to 626 000 during the 1980.

Poltava Clay birds possess follower plumage having black ideas to trip and tail feathers. Ear-lobes are red; the fresh comb is red and you will shanks are yellow.

The reproduce is actually elevated having eggs and you may chicken development. The brand new real time weight regarding 8-week-old . pullets are 0.8 kilogram and of cockerels 0.9 kg; adult hens consider dos.2 kg and you can dicks 2.6 kg. Years at maturity is actually 170 months. The average creation of Poltava hens is 170-190 eggs a year with a burden out of 56 grams. The brand new egg shell try brownish. Virility off eggs are 95% and you will hatchability 88%. Endurance price of one’s more youthful stock are ninety five% and of grownups 95%.

Poltava Clay chickens are being bred having large egg creation and you will eggs pounds and therefore are included in autosexing crosses that have birds with white Columbian plumage.

MEAT-Egg Breeds ADLER Silver (Adlerskaya serebristaya)

This breed was produced in the Adler poultry complex in Krasnodar territory during 1951-65 by crossing chickens of five breeds. Males of the Pervomai breed were mated with Russian White females and the F1 crosses were bred inter se. F2 progeny with a high production and viability were mated with New Hampshire males in order to improve meat qualities. The three-breed crosses were bred inter se. Offspring selected on appearance and growth rate were mated with White Plymouth Rock cocks for further improvement of meat conformation. These four-way crosses were bred inter se and their offspring were selected according to “standard” requirements. Some of these hens were mated with Yurlov cocks and the five-way crosses were bred inter se.

When making it breed area of the reproduction method is actually selection of the students stock to your live weight in the two months of age, speed out of feathering, chicken conformation. In for each and every age group, whenever choosing birds towards nucleus stock, taste received so you can specimens towards the Columbian plumage development.

The Pansexual dating sites brand new inventory out-of Adler chickens grew usually and also by 1961 it had reached 4600 head; during the 1962 it numbered 8100. From inside the 1962 20 pencils off similar birds was indeed molded manageable to evaluate dicks to your meats qualities of its young ones. Guaranteeing genealogical lines when you look at the reproduce was recognized by 1965. The total inventory in this season hit 46 100000 and transformation of hatching egg rose in order to five hundred 000. The fresh breed are increased in the Krasnodar and you will Stavropol areas plus in Azerbaijan. The population increased regarding 110 100000 for the 1975 so you’re able to 603 one hundred thousand by 1980.

Trait attributes of brand new Adler breed is actually: both chicken and you may egg production, Columbian plumage trend, unmarried comb, reddish ear canal-lobes and reddish shanks. These chickens enjoys a well-developed bones.