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Scotland being titled once “Scota” an “Egyptian”/ ISRAYLITE refugee king!

Scotland being titled once “Scota” an “Egyptian”/ ISRAYLITE refugee king!

In the event that strength construction altered into the Egypt, resulting in enslavement of Israyl into the Egypt, of many Israylites, like the ruling classification, departed and you may went towards European countries. That is why the prophet Jeremyah understood for taking Zedekyah’s daughters to help you Ireland, to carry on the fresh new throne out of David, growing the brand new kingdom seat here, as the ordered inside Jer.

Today, to new intrusion. Thus, new Assyrian invasion arrived as a result of close Jerusalem and you may starving new society out. But a miracle is submitted, 2 Leaders seven, since Assyrian military was place so you’re able to trip, making an element of the House away from Judah steady and you will created. One hundred and 25 years or so ticket and you will Babylon has become the push in your community as well as reside and you may get Jerusalem taking captive the fresh rightful heir with the throne, Jeconyah, placing within his place a close relative, Zedekyah. 11 years later Zedekyah rebels and you may Babylon invades once more. Zedekyah observes every his sons put so you’re able to dying, and then his eyes are put away and then he at some point becomes deceased inside the captivity. It is during this period you to Jeremyah the fresh prophet takes brand new daughters off Zedekyah to Ireland to keep the fresh throne regarding David, which is the throne away from Yahweh abreast of Environment, when it comes to those countries of the ocean, hence throne and you may heirs sooner or later moved to Scotland right after which The united kingdomt.

Edomite “jews”

Even when descendants off David, they are certainly not the newest rightful heirs of one’s throne, much more suggests than just you to, even when it remain satisfying a pledge off Yahweh plus the prophecy concerning continuance off David’s throne. Since an area mention, Jeconyah gives delivery so you can students during his captivity, which had been actually just lifestyle at the courtroom of the King regarding Babylon, descendants of which eventually were Joseph, the fresh new physical dad out of Yahshua, who would feel Messiah, the brand new “rightful heir” of throne and you will promised become given the throne within another future, Luke 1:thirty two. An element of the need the newest Edomite Added the virgin delivery tale, to try to remove the credibility away from Yahshua’s directly to you to throne from patriarchal range their dad Joseph kept.

Following captivity into the Babylon about 42,000 move back again to Jerusalem. Think about, talking about mainly Domestic out of Judah descendants. Hundreds of years citation and we visited new Maccabean period. Edom was Esau. The guy pushes these to convert to his faith, a primary sin and impossibility. A hereditary covenant can’t be given to those individuals maybe not of the guaranteed genetic range. Edom are not white someone, however, “mamzer”, mongrels, descendants from Esau, the only Yahweh hates. However,, none the less, it have the label “jew” and become so strong 100 years roughly afterwards underneath the Roman regulators that they’re this new puppet bodies in your community to possess Rome.

This is when the new website and you can Ezra and you can Nehamyah show that any of these had hitched low-Israylite spouses, polluting the latest “holy vegetables”, Ezra nine:dos, along with Ezra ten:3 he could be required from the Yahweh to get aside those wives Additionally the MONGREL College students produced regarding abominable miscegenating relationships

Which, the fresh new Herodians is “idumeans” … i. Brand new religious frontrunners have been including Perhaps not genuine Yahudites. Maybe not genuine Israylites. These are the “of your dad the fresh demon” mongrels Yahshua this new Messiah rebuked during the John 8:forty two or other metropolises. They are the “vipers”, the newest “whited structure”, the “laden up with dry men’s room skeleton”, new vermin abominations dishonestly polluting the newest forehead and you may perverting instruction off the fresh Torah legislation from Yahweh. These were new vermin “and also make emptiness the law of the its lifestyle”. They are the exact same vermin who change the original Aramaic website of one’s New testament towards hellenized Greek messages, copies of which are actually all that stays. Nothing entirely modern of every old-testament neither new-testament composing remains. The texts offered try tainted and requirements the new Soul of Yahweh to help you compliment of it.